Tastings in Tahoe 2020/2021

Thursday, November 11, 2020 at 5:53pm:
Hey guys, 
We’ve made the decision to cancel Tahoe ice for this Saturday. I wanted to let you know as soon as possible so you could cancel hotel reservations. 
LTEC and WCCC are erring on the side of caution right now due to the positive test result within our club today. 
Stay healthy and take care of yourselves! 
Thanks, Katie Feldman 916-849-9731

We’re excited to announce that we’re hosting some WCCC events on one Saturday a month in Lake Tahoe! We love curling on LTEC’s dedicated ice and this is an opportunity for our WCCC members to get up there and throw some stones!

Registration is now open <<< HERE >>> for our first Saturday Ice event in Tahoe. This first event will take place on November 14th and will cost $40/person.

We have room for 16 people (4 teams). Due to current occupancy regulations in Douglas County, we will run 1 game at a time (limit of 8 curlers in the ice house at a time). Social distancing of 6 feet is encouraged and there will only be 1 sweeper per stone. This event is open to WCCC members only.

Game times are:

9:00am game #1

11:30am game #2

2:15pm game #3

4:45pm game #4

For this first tasting, we’ll take the first 16 people to sign up and put their names in a hat. Then we’ll pull out the names and form teams that way. If you are open to being a skip of one of the 4 teams, please indicate that below. Teams 1 and 2 would play at 9:00am and 2:15pm. Teams 3 and 4 would play at 11:30am and 5:30pm. Please indicate your preference on which start time group you want to be in.

These 5 Saturday events (11/14, 12/12, 1/16, 2/6, 3/6) are a way to spend some time on dedicated ice in Tahoe! We will open the other dates as we get closer to each one and each event will be a little different format. (We’re open to suggestions!) We will most likely have Sunday league following each Saturday (for sure we will on 11/15 and 12/13), hence why these are 1-day events. 

Thanks to WCCC Board Member, Jenny Fromm, for the idea on the event name!

Registered Players:

Waitlist Players: