Wine Country Curling Club works with Skatetown Ice to provide a safe environment for curling, but ice is slippery and with that comes the risk of falls for all curlers no matter their experience level.

Here are some guidelines for club members to assist someone who has fallen either during a learn-to-curl class, or a league game/event, or a bonspiel!

1. Reduce risk of further harm to the injured person by securing the area. The game on the affected sheet should be stopped until the person is safely moved off the ice.

2. As someone is tending to the injured person, another person should be getting the first aid box that is located on the storage shelves where the rocks are kept. This box will contain a blanket that can be used to keep the injured person warm while further action awaits.

3. Alert one of the curlers on the ice who has a medical background. There is usually at least 1 on the ice at all times. Assist them by removing items from the kit as directed.

4. Notify Skatetown Ice personnel/management of the injury. Either they will call 9-1-1 or someone on the ice will call 9-1-1.

5. If the person can be moved safely off the ice, do so.

6. If the person cannot be moved if you are uncertain of their status, wait for emergency personnel to arrive. Keep the injured person warm and calm and comfortable (as much as possible). Skatetown Ice personnel/management will be there to assist.

7. Direct the emergency personnel to the Zamboni doors which should already be opened. This is the best door to use for their stretcher if they need to bring it onto the ice.

8. Skatetown Ice personnel/management will fill out an incident report. They will take information from the injured curler as well as from the helpers.