Winter League Week Three

There’s a linescore you don’t see very often…

Game of the Week: B League entered Game Three with two undefeated team. One survived, but it wasn’t easy. With Sheet Housed losing their perfect record next door on Sheet 4, Team Swartz looked poised to do the same on Sheet 3. However, Swartz pulled out a squeaker to keep their streak alive despite only scoring once. Bromancing the Stone did their best to keep the first-place teams from complacency, scoring in the first, second, fourth, and fifth ends. Unfortunately for them, they were only scoring one point at a time, while in the third end, Swartz scored six. Bromancing entered the final end behind 6-4. When the final stone came to rest, they clearly had one point but the second point was too close to call. After consulting with a third party, it was determined that Team Swartz kept their record intact by only a manner of inches. Final score: 6-5. Ends won: 1-5.

Looking ahead: Although only one is left in B League, four undefeated teams remain in A League. At least one of those will falter this weekend, with 2-0 What a Curl Wants facing 2-0 Team Wicks on Sheet 4. At the opposite end of the standings, two of the winless teams (Cusi and Sneaky Three) will be playing against each other in the hopes of securing their first win. 

The Barrel: We are up to 22 teams in the Barrel. Don’t forget to get your teams together and sign up before we get full. Ten spots left!

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