Week Seven Matchups

As one league is gearing up towards its finals, another one is hitting the meat of the schedule. We have a lot of decisive games going on this weekend. Let’s take a look at their potential impact.

B League: This is the final week of the regular season, and it’s still anybody’s guess who will be playing for the crown next weekend. Six teams still have a viable shot at making the top two. Here’s how we got here. Teams Stefani and Swartz seemed to be cruising to the finals until they hit a hiccup last week. This dropped them into a three-way tie for third place, only a half game behind first and a half game ahead of sixth. That opened the door for Sheet Housed to jump from fourth place to first. And what in the world is up with Team Tudor Elliott? Two wins, zero losses, and FOUR ties. Somebody seems to be taking this season’s new new rules to heart.

Here’s a look at the games this weekend, and their potential impact on the championship game:

Sheet Housed (4-2) vs Hold ‘Em To One (3-2-1): If Sheet Housed wins, they will secure the Number One seed as the only 5-win team. If they lose, however, they will be behind Hold ‘Em to One, which would have the inside track toward a playoff berth.
Tudor Elliott (2-0-4) vs Bromancing the Stone (3-3): Bromancing needs to win to have any chance at making the championship game, but that might not be enough, as three other teams have a chance at getting to four wins. Tudor Elliott should also secure their spot in the Championship game with a win, as the four ties would bring them to 10 points overall. But let’s be honest, the teams will probably tie, bringing in all sorts of tiebreakers.
Swartz (3-2-1) vs Stefani (3-2-1): The winner of this game will probably end up in third place unless one of the teams in front of them loses or ties. They will be busy watching Tudor Elliott and Sheet Housed for a slip up. If Hold ‘Em to One beats Sheet Housed, then it might come down to a tiebreaker. For those wondering, the current point differentials are Stefani (+8), Hold ‘Em to One (+6), Swartz (+1)
Skipping Stones (1-5) vs Little (1-4-1): These two teams will be playing each other two weeks in a row. The question is whether they will be playing to their fullest this weekend or if they’re holding something back for when it all counts.

A League: Let’s not forget about the Senior Circuit. Three of the five games this week feature teams right next to each other in the standings, including:

Team Bally (0-5) keeps getting close, but has yet to break through to a win. This week, they will be facing Team Gunst (1-4), who was in a similar situation before picking up their first win last week. Is this the week Bally picks up their first win or is Gunst ready to go on a run?

Team Boris (4-2) vs. Team Sampson (3-2). A grudge match between two teams with virtually the same record (discounting the bye weeks), currently sitting in fourth and fifth place. These two teams have played in the third-place game in two of the last three seasons, but the rise of What a Curl Wants (4-1) and three more teams breathing down their necks at 3-3 or 2-3, this game might go a long way to determining who enters the playoffs as teh higher seed.

And let’s not forget Wicks (5-0) vs. Marko (4-0). Unless they tie, there will only be one undefeated team after this weekend. For the second season in a row, the Clash of the Titans is happening on Sheet One. Last season’s regular season matchup went to Marko, 5-4, but then Wicks came back to get their revenge in the Championship Game. It remains to be seen if Sheet One in March will have any bearing on Sheet Three in May this time. Or if one of the other teams is going to break-up one of these two teams’ drive for the finals.

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