WCCC Likes To Travel

Wine Country Curling Club members like to bonspiel! How many traveled during the last curling year?

October 2017: Brian Feldman, Katie Feldman, Brian Feldman Jr, and Laura Lunetta traveled to the U5 at Coyotes Curling in Tempe, Arizona.

November 2017: Katie Feldman, Laura Lunetta, Luke Milliron, and Brian Feldman Jr traveled to Bend, Oregon for the inaugural Bend Beer Bonspiel and were the A Event Runners Up!

November 2017: David Markowski, Camren Spangler, Evan Tudor Elliott, and Brian Feldman traveled to Evergreen Curling Club in Beaverton, Oregon for the 2018 MoPac Club Nationals Playdowns.

December 2017:  8 WCCC members traveled ALL THE WAY to Stockton to curl in the one-day Christmas Bonspiel hosted by Granite Curling Club of California. (Katie Feldman, Laura Lunetta, Luke Milliron, Tony Kelly, Joshua Bally, Gillian Moffitt, Brian Feldman, and Brian Feldman Jr)

January 2018: WCCC brought many curlers to the California Curling Championships held at the Stockton Arena. Team FeldmanK (Katie Feldman, Sonia Montero, Suzan Minshall, and Gillian Moffitt) won the women’s division! Also playing in a bonspiel that we could drive to were Nelson Hilger, Chris Drabandt, Wendy Feist, Auria Moore, Porsche Stephenson, Billy Wicks, Brian Feldman, Brian Feldman Jr, Shawn Gunst, Tony Kelly, Bryan Moffitt, and Bob Kuhl.

January 2018: Jessica Tudor Elliott traveled to Evergreen Curling Club in Oregon for the 2018 California PIC Playdown.

February 2018: Team Poutine It On The Button (Jessica Tudor Elliott, Evan Tudor Elliott, Katie Feldman, and Brian Feldman) and Laura Lunetta with SFBACC members (Monica Hernandez, Tony Del Porto, and Jonathan Ochoco) curled at the White Ensign Mixed Bonspiel at the Esquimalt Curling Club in Victoria, British Columbia.

February 2018: Bob Kuhl traveled to the United States Senior Men’s Curling Association’s (USSMCA) National Bonspiel in Wausau, Wisconsin.

March 2018: David Markowski and Karla Markowski traveled to the Continental Cup in Las Vegas to hobnob with the curling elite and get their chance to rub elbows with Team Shuster and the GOLD MEDAL!

April 2018: David Markowski and Karla Markowski curled (and helped with ice prep) at the Rocky Mountain Bonspiel in Ogden, Utah.

April 2018: WCCC was well represented at the MoPac 5&U at Granite Curling Club in Seattle, Washington. On the Rocks: Mike Frey, Natalie Fox, Ryan Fox, Joshua Bally; Hack Attack: Shawn Gunst, Nelson HIlger, Suzan Minshall, Luke Milliron; Boris the Love Hammer: Camren Spangler, Ryan Smith, Chris Drabandt, Tony Kelly; Medium Performance Team: Scott Johnson, Jeremy Miller; Team Rogers: Brian Feldman Jr; The Sweepyheads: Eliza Morris, Mikkel Jensen, Bob Seyfried, Dan Stefani; The Pebbleheads: Gillian Moffitt, Brian Feldman, Laura Lunetta, Katie Feldman

May 2018: Our WCCC Men’s and Women’s teams swept the BRONZE MEDALS in the 2018 Arena National Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah. Congrats to David Markowski, Camren Spangler, Chris Hillman, Brian Feldman, Katie Feldman, Laura Lunetta, Porsche Stephenson, Auria Moore, and Karla Markowski. They were joined by Women’s Coach Darah Blandford from Cold Lake, Edmonton.

May 2018: Another excellent representation by WCCC at the Golden Gate Bonspiel in Fremont, California: Bob Kuhl, Camren Spangler, Nelson Hilger, Suzan Minshall, Brian Feldman, Katie Feldman, Brian Feldman Jr, Laura Lunetta, David Betts, Jessica Tudor Elliott, Evan Tudor Elliott, Auria Moore, and Porsche Stephenson.

June 2018: Brian Feldman Jr (and Brian Feldman) travel to Coyotes Curling Club for the 2nd Annual Arizona Curling Camp.

July 2018: WCCC sent FIFTEEN members to the Summer Blockbuster MegaSpiel at Hollywood Curling in Valencia, California. Curling in the Open Division were Katie Feldman, Laura Lunetta, Luke Milliron, Tony Kelly, Porsche Stephenson, Auria Moore, and Brian Feldman, Jr. Curling in the Beginner Division were Bob Kuhl, Bob Seyfried, Ryan Fox, and Mike Frey as well as eventual C Event Winners Rob Shelton, Sonia Montero, Tim Bilbrey, Chris Bilbrey

July 2018: Nelson Hilger and Suzan Minshall attended the Four Foot Curling Camp in Kelowna, British Columbia and then stayed a few extra days to curl in the 60s or Bust Bonspiel where they won the B Bracket and $360!

August 2018: Brian Feldman, Katie Feldman, Brian Feldman Jr, and Keith Smith (Skatetown Ice’s Operations Manager) curled in the Pirates of the Curl-Ribbean Bonspiel in Orlando, Florida.

spots taken at bonspiels all of the continent!

7 states + Canada twice

2 curling camps

2 Team Bronze Medals

Our curling calendar year is from September 2017 to August 2018.

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