The Wine Country Curling Club league meets every other Sunday in the mornings. We hold 3 league sessions per year (Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall).

Fall League 2017

Summer League 2017

Winter League 2017

Fall League 2016

Winter League 2016

Fall League 2015

Summer League 2015

Winter/Spring League 2015

Fall League 2014

Summer League 2014

Winter/Spring League 2014


League Rules

Sheet 1 is the active league sheet which is closest to the bleacher side of rink

Standings points: Win = 2 points Loss = 0 points
Game tie-breaker: skip shot (no sweeping)
League Tie-breaker:
1st tiebreaker – Head-to-Head game results
2nd tiebreaker – Stones For (max 7 points higher than opponent per game)
3rd tiebreaker – Ends won

Get there early, at least 15 minutes before the game or earlier to help with ice prep and insure the proper start time. Shake hands before and after each game. Be ready to deliver stones to keep the game moving along. Sweepers stand between hog lines during delivery.

The duties of the vice skip (third player on each team): coin toss, scoreboard, and any measurements of stones.

The Bell ring half an hour before the end of play signals that the completion of the game upon the finishing of the end in progress when the bell rings plus one additional complete end.

Forfeit Rules

Team can play with 3 original members with or without a substitute. A team with only two original players must forfeit the game. (USCA rule: R3 Teams (e) – “A team may not play with fewer than three players, all players delivering all their allocated stones in each end”. (f) A team may not use more than one qualified alternate in a game”.)

Forfeit rules rule exception: A team can play with 2 original members and at least 1 sub, if the team members have pre-arranged prior to the first game of the season that it will be absent at a particular league game. Otherwise, a team must have 3 original members to qualify as an official match or the game is considered forfeit and recorded as a 7-0 score in favor of the opposing team. A game will be considered forfeit if a team does not have 3 original team members (or 2 original plus pre-approved sub as mentioned above) on the ice by 15 minutes after the designated start time for the game. The late-arriving player must wait until the end of the end in progress before joining into the game. Non-original (substitute) team players are not allowed to skip in an official league game. If a game is forfeit with the game continued on as a non-official league game, then a non-original player may skip.