Thin-Air Bonspiel

The Lake Tahoe Thin-Air International Bonspiel
The highest elevation Bonspiel on the Calendar
Come curl at 6,224!
October 2-4, 2015


Lake Tahoe Epic Curling is excited to host the first ever Lake Tahoe Thin-Air International Bonspiel! To make this event even better, Wine Country Curling Club is sending their entire bonspiel committee, members of the ice crew, and their sommelier (of course). Ice whisperer John Tryon will be in town as well.

24 team Bonspiel with a 4-game guarantee
Awards – Banquet Dinner – Wine Tasting

South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena
1176 Rufus Allen Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Event Schedule:

Draw 1. 08:00
Draw 2. 10:30
Draw 3. 13:00
Draw 4. 15:30
“Sunset Happy Hour” 5:30-6:30
Dinner at 6:30
Continental Breakfast. 07:30-10:30
Draw 5. 08:00
Draw 6. 10:30
Lunch 12:00-14:00
Draw 7. 13:00
Draw 8. 15:30
Draw 9. 18:30
Draw 10. 21:00
Continental Breakfast. 07:30-10:30
Draw 11. 08:00
Draw 12. 10:30
Draw 13. (FINALS) 13:30
Awards 16:00


Registered Teams:

Team Name Skip Vice Skip Second Lead
Mountain Muchachos Larry Sidney Rick Gardner Ray Sidney Patrick Kelly
The Wine Kuhlers Bob Kuhl Bruce Johnson Auria Moore Porshe Stephenson
Team Ivy Barry Ivy Jim Muyo Meghan Khalsa TBD
Godfather Curling Steve Sampson Bryan Moffitt Josh Bally Gillian Moffitt
Team Axelson Peter Axelson Scott Weavil Stephanie Tonn JR Kinzel
Poutine It On The Button Jessica Tudor Evan Elliott Brian Feldman Katie Feldman
Sweep The Leg Camren Spangler Jon Gee Chris Drabandt Tony Kelly
Team Pegasus Jonathan Tegan Kyle Satchwell Kiel Gesicki Marty Steiner
Well Mixed Thomas Dias Elliott Mansell Sarah Walsh Adriana Camarena
Team Sullivan Christy Sullivan Jeanne Ward Julie MaCan Greg Felton
I Rink, Therefore I Am Alan Fraley Michael Fox Sarah Vital Aaron Burgart
Team Poole Terry Poole Yvonne Logan Lana Poole Lonny Mallery
MarkoMishMash David Markowski TC Altus John Tryon Karla Kennedy
H3S Edith Loudon Mark Swandby Eric Hazard Kim Hazard
The Dumb Sheets Richard Lazarowich Dan Downing Bob Garber Mary Riordan
Team Murphy Chris Murphy Jocelyne Hall TBD TBD
Curlifornia Pete Hicks Kari Messina Jonathan Ochoco Olivia Stella
Team Godar Thomas Godar Cindy Godar Rich Lepping Jennifer Stannard
Burning Desire Carroll Huntress Bill Benn Dan Bossler Charles Leafblad
Team PNW Arnold Iwanick Brian Stark Monique Heileson Marc Heileson
Team Prowd Brian Prowd Cheryl Eason Joe Smith Jon Swartz
Team DeLauder Chris DeLauder Chantal Crane Matthew Jones Laura Lunetta
Team Basrak Greg Basrak Mikkel Jensen Eliza Morris Debbie Basrak



Pool A Kuhl WCCC Lazarowich SFBACC Sidney LTEC Huntress Coyotes
Pool B Sampson WCCC Sullivan LTEC DeLauder SFBA/WCCC Godar Kettle
Pool C Elliott WCCC Raju SFBACC Loudon LTEC
Pool D Tegan WCCC Logan LTEC Murphy SFBACC Prowd WCCC
Pool E Spangler WCCC Iwanick Evergreen Dias SFBACC Hicks OCCC
Pool F Basrak WCCC/Park City Axelson LTEC Fraley SFBACC Markowski WCCC



Draw Schedule:


Time Sheet Team1 Team 2
8:00 Sheet 1 Godfather Curling Team Sullivan
Sheet 2 Team DeLauder Team Godar
Sheet 3 Mountain Muchachos Burning Desire
Sheet 4 The Wine Kuhlers The Dumb Sheets
Sheet 5
10:30 Sheet 1 H3S TBD
Sheet 2 Team Pegasus Team Poole
Sheet 3 Well Mixed Curlifornia
Sheet 4 Team Murphy Team Prowd
Sheet 5 Poutine it on the Button Team Ivy
13:00 Sheet 1 I Rink, Therefore I Am MarkoMishMash
Sheet 2 The Wine Kuhlers Mountain Muchachos
Sheet 3 The Dumb Sheets Burning Desire
Sheet 4 Godfather Curling Team DeLauder
Sheet 5 Team Sullivan Team Godar
15:30 Sheet 1 Team Pegasus Team Murphy
Sheet 2 Team Ivy TBD
Sheet 3 Sweep the Leg Team PNW
Sheet 4 Poutine it on the Button H3S
Sheet 5


Time Sheet Team 1 Team 2
8:00 Sheet 1 Team Basrak Team Axelson
Sheet 2 Sweep the Leg Well Mixed
Sheet 3 Team Poole Team Prowd
Sheet 4 The Dumb Sheets Mountain Muchachos
Sheet 5 Team PNW Curlifornia
10:30 Sheet 1 Team Basrak I Rink, Therefore I Am
Sheet 2 Team Sullivan Team DeLauder
Sheet 3 Godfather Curling Team Godar
Sheet 4 Team Axelson MarkoMishMash
Sheet 5 The Wine Kuhlers Burning Desire
13:00 Sheet 1 Team Poole Team Murphy
Sheet 2 Team Ivy H3S
Sheet 3 Team Pegasus Team Prowd
Sheet 4 Poutine it on the Button TBD
Sheet 5
15:30 Sheet 1 Team PNW Well Mixed
Sheet 2 Team Basrak MarkoMishMash
Sheet 3 Team Axelson I Rink, Therefore I Am
Sheet 4 Sweep the Leg Curlifornia
Sheet 5



18:30 Sheet 1 Quarter Final – B
Sheet 2 Quarter Final – B
Sheet 3 Quarter Final – A
Sheet 4 Quarter Final – A
Sheet 5 Quarter Final – C
21:00 Sheet 1 Quarter Final – B
Sheet 2 Quarter Final – B
Sheet 3 Quarter Final – A
Sheet 4 Quarter Final – A
Sheet 5 Quarter Final – C


Time Sheet Matchup
8:00 Sheet 1 Semi-Final – B
Sheet 2 Semi-Final – B
Sheet 3
Sheet 4 Quarter Final – C
Sheet 5 Quarter Final – C
10:30 Sheet 1
Sheet 2 Semi-Final – A
Sheet 3 Semi-Final – A
Sheet 4 Semi-Final – C
Sheet 5 Semi-Final – C
13:30 Sheet 1 3rd Place Match – A
Sheet 2 Final – B
Sheet 3 Final – A
Sheet 4 Final – C
Sheet 5 Draw to Button Contest





Beautiful Aston Lakeland Village is our host hotel for the Thin-Air Bonspiel. This lakefront resort has a heated outdoor pool, 2 hot tubs, sauna, fitness room, and a quarter mile of private beach. They are also providing private shuttle buses for the mile trip to the rink, Heavenly Village, and the casinos.

All accommodations feature a full kitchen, fireplace, and a balcony or deck. Nightly rates include WiFi high speed internet and parking.

Reserving a room is easy! Call (800) 822-5969 and ask for the BONSPIEL GROUP RATE or book directly at Enter the dates of stay and the GROUP/PROMO CODE: BONSP1015.

Stay tuned for more information on the banquet and wine tasting event to be held on Friday and Saturday nights.



ltecLake Tahoe Epic Curling
Larry Sidney    (860) 830-2726


wcc-logo-only-webWine Country Curling Club
Bob Kuhl (916) 947-5060


Printable Invitation to Lake Tahoe Bonspiel